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What should I do if I buy a new insulated cup for the first time

Source:Meite Group Co., Ltd.Release time:2019-12-16

In life, many consumers have purchased some items and used them directly without going through some processes, which is not appropriate. According to a person in charge of a thermos brand, I bought a favorite thermos. After I got the new product, I need to deal with the thermos before using it. Therefore, there is also a description of how to deal with this newly purchased insulation cup when it is just used.

First of all, after the unopened insulated cup is disassembled, use boiling water first, or add a few times of washing with detergent to perform high temperature disinfection. Before use, in order to have a good thermal insulation effect, it is necessary to preheat with cold water or cold water for about 10 minutes. Add water to the thermos cup at one time. It should not be overfilled, so as to avoid burns when the lid is tightened. The thermal insulation performance must be very good when using the thermos cup once, so be careful when drinking hot drinks with the thermos cup, do not make mistakes and burn yourself.

At the same time, in life, for some carbonated beverages such as milk, dairy products and fruit juices, it should not be stored in a thermos cup for a long time, which will affect the drinks back and forth, and will damage the thermos cup. After using the insulation cup, you must clean it in time. You can use a soft cloth and food detergent diluted with warm water to clean it. The inside of the stainless steel insulation cup may sometimes produce some red rust spots because the contents contain iron and other substances. At this time, it can be soaked with warm water and diluted vinegar for a period of time, and then washed, it can be easily removed.

In addition, in order to prevent the generation of odor, if you do not use the thermos cup for a long time, be sure to clean it and ensure that it is sufficiently dry. Only after going through these processes can we begin to enjoy the working life learning experience brought by the thermos cup more happily.